Researchers Say Coffee Might Protect The Liver

Regular coffee drinkers who feel guilty about the habit might not have to. According to a new study, drinking coffee may help protect the liver.

To gather information for their study, researchers carefully reviewed the habits of 27,793 people who completed diet questionnaires from a health study which took place between 1999 and 2010. Additionally, the researchers examined blood levels of four enzymes that reveal details regarding liver function.

Of the 27,793 people considered, over 14,000 were coffee drinkers. After controlling for differentiating factors like education, race, sex, smoking, and age, the researchers found that the individuals who consumed three cups each day had a 25% less chance of having abnormal levels of liver enzymes. Additionally, the 2,000 people who consumed only decaffeinated coffee had similarly positive results.

Although the results of this research are pleasantly surprising, the reason for the effect remains unknown. According to lead author Gianfrancesco Genoso and cancer prevention fellow at the National Cancer Institute Qian Xiao, coffee contains over a thousand compounds. For this reason, researchers cannot identify which one is responsible for the results they found.

Pepsi Testing The e-Commerce Waters With New Soda on Amazon

Pepsi is releasing a brand new soda, called Pepsi True, which will be a naturally sweetened soda. Meaning no added sugar. Which does make me curious.

But another interesting aspect of the story, is that the soda will not be available in brick and mortar stores, but rather, only through exclusively.

Something that another soda company tried when they released Surge, a 90’s soft drink, and only allowed the product to be sold on They were successful, and sold out almost immediately.

This could be an interesting move, as it signals how the demographic has changed over time. More and more people are shopping online, and young people especially are more likely to go to Amazon than they might be to go to Walmart, or Target to buy the same goods. They’re also one amongst a great number of companies, like Incorporate Olympic Valley, that are looking to the online presence to extend their reach, and try and find a new core audience.

Fox News Anchor Finally Honest About Ebola

Thank god more journalists are doing the right thing, and speaking out about Ebola. Instead of feeding the hysteria about the disease, one Fox News Anchor had had enough. You have to watch this, and see what he has to say. Maybe this can alleviate some of the fears of people like my friend Christian Broda, who seems to worry about everything he sees on the news: