A Dangerous Roast Session

Benjamin Lisser is an honest working man employed with the coffee company Just Coffee Cooperative in Madison. Lisser was preparing to grind coffee beans when he was suited up with a vest that was fitted with a glass tube. The tube collects air samples that are in his breathing space. Researchers are collecting his air to test for diacetyl and 2-3 pentanedione. Both of these compounds are notorious for severely damaging lung capacity. The Journal Sentinel covered the story and detailed the risk that coffee roasters are put under from just doing an honest days work. The findings from many studies will be used to sit safety standards that will be put in place by the United States CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If these chemicals are found to be a problem for coffee roasters it could expose workers to serious and incurable lung diseases. The owner of the Madison Just Coffee cooperative has noted that he is cooperating with the CDC as much as possible. He wants to be hyper aware of what his business is doing to his employees and encourages other coffee roasting plant owners to do the same. Four competing roasting companies have opted out of letting the CDC sample there air. Sergio Cortes told me that they seemed unaffected by the fact that 5 workers in a Tyler, Texas roasting plant contracted debilitating lung diseases that were caused by the chemicals put in the air during the roasting process. More studies will be conducted and a list of dangers will be compiled for the CDC to adjust their standards accordingly.

Banks In Greece to Close for the Week

Imagine the feeling of not being able to access your money in the bank for at least a week. To make matters worse, banks in Greece have placed limitations to cash withdrawals at the ATM machines as well. Greece banks remain closed for this week, and should be open again some time next week.

While capital controls are being put in place this week, Greece banks are going to remain closed until next week. ATM machines across the country were seen with huge lines of bankers trying to access a small amount of their money. This has created some very tense situations across the country. One being the ease in which criminals could set up camp at these machines and grab unsuspecting bankers once they have their hands on their cash.

To make matters worse, the limitation on which you could withdraw money left people with a miniscule $66 US. The positive news for people traveling abroad is that no limitations are placed on accounts from overseas reports Igor Cornelsen. The restrictions are placed on those residing in Greece who use the local banking institutions. That being said, if a tourist was in need of cash quickly, they had better be patient as lines in excess of several hours could be seen on every corner where an ATM was present.

Greece is awaiting the help of a second bailout that will remove the restrictions and give the country a chance to gain momentum again.

Diabetes in Children: Promising New Technology for Improving Quality of Life

Managing type I diabetes in children is a constant battle – checking blood sugar levels and determining the right amount of insulin needed, multiple times each and every day. Life-threatening complications are possible. For children, pain is a constant fact of daily life and lifestyle changes are inevitable. Improving the ease and accuracy of monitoring and dosing could significantly improve the quality of life for families with type I diabetic children.

Research on a revolutionary new, penny sized insulin patch may ease parent’s struggles in the future. In theProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers reported blood sugar levels under control for nine hours in mice with type I diabetes. The patch both monitors blood sugar levels and releases the necessary amount of insulin to keep blood sugar levels under control, much like the body’s natural control systems.

The new patch is far from approval for general use in humans reports Mikal Watts on this website, but it’s a very promising new technology. Accurate, automatic control of blood sugar for an extended period has the potential for improving the quality of life for families with type I diabetic children.

I’m Thinking I ‘m Addicted to Coffee; 10 Ways to Know for Sure

Coffee. Addiction. For some reason, those two words go together, yet, you’re not sure if they actually apply to you? Here are 10 ways to find out.

1. There’s a BC – AC – Before Coffee and After coffee
2. Can be told by medical personnel that drinking coffee stains teeth or is bad for your body, but it’s almost like you didn’t hear them.
3. Someone around you says that they don’t like coffee, and you just assume they’re insane.
4. When you realize you had too many coffees, and you do this often.
5. When you can’t imagine life without it.
6. The legal three cups a day doesn’t even come close to your consumption according to Tripod.
7. Something they’ll never hear you say, “I can’t sleep at night…”
8. Morning, Noon, Evening, anytime is the perfect time for a cup of coffee.
9. Jonesin’ for a coffee means leaving work, driving two miles to Starbucks and two miles back, but you got your “liquid gold.”
10. You can never get enough. It’s time to go to go to sleep and you’re dreaming of your Morning Latte.

So the decision is up to you. No one can tell you that you’re a coffee addict; it’s time you identified your condition. If you have begun to call Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks “Home,” you’re hooked.

Starbucks to Close La Boulange Bakeries

This week, Starbucks announced that they would shutter the doors of 23 La Boulange Bakery. The milestone decision has some questioning whether or not the coffee giant purchased the bakery chain for its recipes and nothing more.

According to sources Starbucks originally acquired the bakery chain for $100 million in 2012. They had originally planned to expand the empire, opening a barrage of bakeshops throughout the United States. It would seem like a perfect compliment to the niche Coffee giant that rose to fame with its blended coffee beverages, but now the company is pulling out.

The stores will be closed in the coming weeks, according to the press release.

While the stores will be shuttered, Starbucks still plans to make money off their purchase. La Boulange products will continue to be sold inside the coffee houses main locations, including many in the New York City area.

Starbucks refused to comment on rumors that closing the stores was part of the long-term strategy for the company. Those in-the-know at the Amen Clinic say they released a statement saying the La Boulange’s expansion is not sustainable, and instead the product line will remain in Starbucks’ locations.

The former owner of La Boulange, who spoke highly of the sale in 2012, has not yet commented. He was vocal, at the time of the sale, about plans to further expand the company with Starbucks.

The Amazing Story Of Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth, the CEO of Squaw Valley, suffered a skydiving accident that nearly killed him. If he did not get medical care when he did, he would no longer be alive. He missed the area where skydivers were supposed to land and careened into a metal pole. The pole punctured his arm, causing serious injury. 

Immediately following the accident, Andy Wirth said that he thought there was a good chance he would die. Help was seemingly nowhere to be found. In his mind, Pearl Jam’s song “Just Breathe” helped him to come to terms with the possibility of death. Luckily, people came by and rescued him about 15 minutes later. When he was taken to the hospital, he began to realize he would survive. He was unsure if they were going to have to remove the arm. They did keep the arm on that night, and they kept in on in time to come. He now is regaining the ability to use his right arm. 

This did not stop Andy Wirth. If it were not for the urging by his family members, he would still go skydiving again. He also is back and active at his job at Squaw Valley. He has substantial plans for the mountain. These plans would make Squaw drastically larger for skiers.

Nowadays, if you purchase a ticket or pass for Squaw, you can also ski at Alpine Meadows. Currently, there is ground transportation from one mountain to the other. However, Andy Wirth proposes that there be a gondola constructed that will connect the two mountains. This gondola would allow for easier transportation. To skiers, it would effectively combine the two mountains. This would be somewhat similar to the arrangement at Whistler-Blackcomb in British Columbia. The gondola would be a “base to base” gondola. Skiers would ride it from the bases of the mountains. 

The two mountains are actually owned by the same company. They have merged a few years ago. Since the two mountains are both under the same ownership, it certainly makes sense for the two to be connected. It is entirely possible that Squaw Valley-Alpine Meadows will become the largest ski area in the lower 48 states.

Image Recognition: A Technology to Assist You With Shopping

Image recognition is a technology that utilizes graphics and artificial intelligence in order to identify objects in an image. This technology begins with image processing techniques such as feature extraction and noise removal in order to assist in the identification of certain items. Though this technology seems to be futuristic it is currently being used by retailers and online search engines.

Today, image recognition technology has found its way into the lives of online searchers. Search engines such as Google allow online users to search with the use of an image or picture. Once the picture or image is uploaded into the search engine, Google does a search in order to locate pictures that are identical or similar to the one that you uploaded.

This type of technology not only helps to search for images on the internet it is used to locate products. Slyce has made retailers and customers connect better by becoming a leading visual search provider. The technology that Slyce offers to retailers and brands allow customers to just snap a shot of a product that he or she is interested in. The image recognition technology offered by Slyce through certain retailers and brand applications helps to search for the product and make it easy for purchase. This type of technology helps customers because it reduces the time spent trying to find a particular product on a website. No more filtering through pages or wasting time searching through endless products, taking a picture of the product will almost instantly locate the product with information such as the price making it easy to purchase.

The artificial intelligence that is used to assist with image recognition has had its limits in the past. Images at different angles or pictures that included more than one object could possibly confuse the technology. Now with the help of researchers at Google and Stanford University, image recognition programs have the ability to recognize images at near-human levels of comprehension.

Americans are Drinking Less Coffee thanks to K-Cups

America is spending more money on coffee for the first time in six years. The Amen Clinic’s reps read on TheDailyBeast.com that people are spending more and consuming less coffee.The U.S. is the only country that has experienced a decrease in coffee consumption. This amount is actually expected to continue to have a decrease this year. The reason for this overall decline is due to the fact that people are making more single servings of coffee as opposed to making an entire pot. The consumer has the opportunity to brew the amount of coffee that they are going to drink at one sitting. This is thanks to the single-serve coffee machines. This includes Keurig. This leads to a reduction in the amount of coffee that may get wasted. A single cup at a time is made. The average number of American Households that currently own single-serve machines has continued to rise. The use of these K-cups continues to be a popular choice. These single serving machines have more uses than just single coffee. They may also be used for cocktails. The liquor industries may also experience a decline in the consumption of numerous beverages too.

Vijay Eswaran: The Well-Rounded CEO

Most people that are in CEO positions will have leadership skills, but they will often lack expertise in any other areas outside of business. A person that can run a company may be able to speak in public, but he may not necessarily be a public speaker. This is what makes Vijay Eswaran stand out as a giant among men. As the leader of QNet he may be one of the the most fascinating leaders because he is so well-rounded.

His wide spectrum of jobs may have given Vijay Eswaran a unique perspective. He had a mother that was a teacher, and this may have also given Vijay a different way to look at the world. What he has managed to do is carve out a pathway to success by breaking down his leadership skills and offering motivation to others through books and public speaking. What Vijay has done is offer up books that not only take on business but also at expound on personal matters. This same motivation that is found in the books shines through on stage when Vijay Eswaran is booked for speaking engagements. This is something that is a rare find in a CEO. He has the ability to function as a writer, public motivational speaker and corporate leader.

What Vijay Eswaran has done over the years is build a brand. His work as a writer and a motivational speaker has given him the ability to become transparent. People know him and they trust his ability to lead. This makes is much easier for him to successfully promote the QNet brand on a global level. Lots of people may think that all of these things are separate entities, but these roles are not. Each role that he has carved out for himself ties into the overall business model. Since Vijay Eswaran is the CEO of QNet he is still promoting QNet even when he is not speaking from a QNet podium about QNet partnerships. As a public speaker he is still recognized as a business leader. This makes him come across as a human. This human factor that makes it easier for people to relate to him. The genuine connection to people will shine through in his connection with customers. All this his has allowed Vijay Eswaran to thrive and remain one of Malaysia’s richest business men. His well-rounded attributes helped him expand his brand around the world.

Starbucks Expanding Mobile Ordering

Wouldn’t it be great if you could place an order for your favorite Starbucks beverage and have that drink waiting for you when you step into the building? Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly and easily place an order for the Starbucks beverage that you would like to consume? You can do that with the Starbucks mobile ordering option, and this option is expanding to cover more Starbucks locations.

Ordering your favorite hot – or cold – drink couldn’t be simpler than it is with the Starbucks app. Those who would like to have their coffee ready for them upon their arrival at Starbucks can have that through the help that their mobile app offers stated Interview Magazine. Life in the mobile age is getting simpler and simpler, and having an easy way of getting Starbucks coffee is certainly a plus in regard to all of the technological breakthroughs that have taken place in recent days and years.