Solvy To Help Expand Math Education

Recently Alexei Beltyukov announced the launch of his newest endeavor. is an online space designed to further math education by providing teachers and students a platform to complete homework assignments and reduce teacher workload. Additionally, the app will allow teachers to quickly develop problem sets based on real world examples for the students to solve. The students will have to work through the problem, showing their work as they go in addition to coming up with the right answer. In this way, the students learn from their mistakes and increases the students progress through growth.

Solvy has already been embraced by a number of teachers because of its use of real world problems. The system gives hints and suggestions for the students to follow and provides performance reporting for the instructor. There are no multiple choice questions and the questions can be solved from several different approaches. The benefit for teachers is that the system allows them to focus on the teaching aspect while the software takes care of the routine coaching and tutorial parts of the learning process.

Beltyukov is an outspoken proponent of education. suggested he graduated from INSEAD, a graduate business school with a Master of Business Administration degree. He started his career as a medical doctor and received a degree in medicine from Urals State Medical University in Russia before deciding to pursue his interest in the business world.

In addition to being the founder and chief operating officer of Solvy, Beltyukov also founded New Gas Technologies where he still serves as the chairperson of the board of directors. New Gas is a Houston, Texas and Moscow, Russia based company that seeks to improve oil refining methods and efficiency with lower capital investment. Other companies Beltykov has started in the past include A-Ventures, Endemic Capital, Mechanius and Brunswick Capital. Philanthropy is important to Beltyukov and he has founded the Russian Alumni Scholarship Fund at INSEAD.

NFL Teams Split $7.3 Billion

It’s no secret that the NFL is a major money maker. Despite their tax exempt status, the league is constantly courted by advertisers and sponsors. The exact numbers are a bit of a mystery, but a recent article on Bloomberg shows just how large the pie these teams split up is.

article the teams split a shared pool of $7.3 billion. This math comes to $226.4 million per team. These numbers are up 21 percent over the past year. The numbers for this come from data extracted from a financial report released Monday by the Green Bay Packers. The bulk of this revenue comes from television income, but it also includes national sponsorship, licensing, and most of the merchandising sales.

The Packer’s total income rose 16% over 2014 to a record breaking $376 million. The franchise’s profit was significantly lower, but still tremendous. After accounting for expenses and stadium renovations, the Green Bay team brought in $39.4 million. This is just $15 million shy of the franchise record for profit.

Team President Mark Murphy and CEO Susan McGalla cited three things for the team’s financial success”: First he praised the team’s performance on the field. He also praised the continued support of their fans. Lastly, he referenced the continued popularity of football in general.

The increase in the shared revenue pool comes from other sources. According to Bloomberg, a large reason the shared revenue increased was due to the increase in cable networks carrying the NFL network. The NFL also sold CBS the rights to 8 Thursday night games.

Newark’s Economic Development Agency Gets An Overhaul

City officials of Newark New Jersey hope to start a new era when it comes to the city’s economic development efforts. The Brick City Development Corporation has a new title. It will be deemed the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Earlier in the year, the city council approved new board member nominations by Mayor Ras Baraka, There will be new bylaws and a new structure to the board. The make up of the board has been trimmed from eleven members to nine. A new stipulation prevents a city official from chairing the agency.

This will help maintain the agency’s independence. The changes comes on the heels of a report that said 3.4 million dollars in loans to business owners defaulted. City officials have countered by saying two billion dollars in projects that were successfully launched would result in millions of dollars collected in property taxes and other revenue for years to come.

In a related story, Kevin Seawright will joint Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. For thirteen years he has been using his expertise to further the betterment of East Coast communities. In Baltimore he implemented s new accounting system for the Commission on Aging and Retirement that resulted in saving the city 100,000 dollars. He held other positions in Baltimore before moving on to the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. Seawright appears to be a perfect fit for the organization’s mission to spur long time economic success for the city of Newark.

Beneful is About More than Just Good Dog Food

When it comes to a brand like Beneful, the most important thing that everyone needs to know about them is the fact that they introduce great dog food options. Everyone wants to know that a brand like Beneful can put out good dog food. When I am looking at a brand like Beneful and considering all that they are, I need to know that they can make dog food that is healthy and that will be loved. It is important that a brand like Beneful can put out good food.

Beneful is about more than just the food that they put out, and they need to be recognized for more than that. The Beneful brand puts out some pretty great ads, ads that deserve attention. When a brand does something well, they will most often gain attention for that. When a brand does more than one thing well, they deserve attention for all that they do. Beneful creates great dog food, but they also come up with good advertising, and I think that they deserve credit for both.

QNet: The Benefits of Owning a Business

Multi level marketing is a business that is not understood by very many people. Unfortunately, many people have negative connotations in their head about how multi level marketing works and that it is just a get rich quick scheme. Sites like QNet work by getting people together to work towards a common goal. People that use QNet have the ability to manage their own income through two streams of income. This is important because the more streams of income that a person has, the less volatile their business will be. Users of QNet get to buy cheap goods and sell them for retail prices to people all over the world.

Building a Business

Learning how to build a business from the ground up is one of the most important skills that anyone can have in life. There are many areas of life that this will be applicable outside of just making a living. In the case of QNet, a lot of the hard part is over with as users have a platform from which they can build their business from. At the end of the day, building a great business is still going to take a lot of hard work and time. However, with multi level marketing and selling products, almost anyone can take that next step in their personal life or business by signing up with QNet (Instagram).

Multi Level Marketing

There are several benefits to using multi level marketing to grow your business. One of the best aspects of multi level marketing is the fact that the income is linear instead of a one time transaction. This means that if a person builds up their business to high enough amounts, they will be able to continue to have income come in each month. There are even some people that have built their business large enough that all that they do is multi level marketing to continue to bring in new customers. It will take a lot of hard work and selling, but the rewards are far great than the risk or work involved.

Final Thoughts

Sites like QNet are great because they allow millions of people all over the world to feel like they can make a big difference in the world of business. There are many ways in which a person can make money, but owning a business is one of the best because it gives complete and total control. Understanding how to run a business is a great skill that can translate in to many others areas of life as well. Take the first step today and sign up for QNet to get started making a difference around the world.

Luxury and Elegance Are Affordable Living in New York City Apartments

You have so many choices of being surrounded by dazzling luxury in a home you can afford in New York City without having to live in the suburbs looking for peace and quiet and solitude. Home is where you go to put your feet up and relax and throw the day’s worries into the wind and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. This can be easily accomplished by living in one of the many unique New York City apartments for rent offered by the Town Real Estate company.

Your loft apartment in Soho is a short trip to comfortable cafes, so you can sit outside and enjoy your latte. Then take a walk to the art galleries where you can see sculptures, the history of fashion, still life, photography and nude portraits and statues, these are places your friends would enjoy.
Sitting in front of your fireplace with an e-reader, or a book with real pages, drinking your favorite glass of wine or imported lager, or stream the latest movies on your mounted TV, are other ways to unwind.
You can indulge in one of your favorite pastimes and look out of the floor to ceiling windows and see the magnificent architecture in New York city, besides the one you’re living in. Your home has a mind-blowing view of the outstanding skyline in the early evening with the romantic muted hues of color that resemble a photograph.

You decided the luxurious furnished lofts in Greenwich Village fit your lifestyle and the magnificent view of this section of the city was more to your taste. The European flair of the wide high arched windows, which allows the sunlight to bathe the living and dining room and kitchen area during the day makes your spirits soar. The moonlight caresses these same rooms in the evening for a cozy atmosphere.
The restaurants, pizzerias and cheese shop for the cheese lovers and real book stores, along with comedy clubs and other live entertainment to make your afternoon’s and evenings’ memorable.

When your taste buds are geared for the classic style, the Upper East Side apartments are a jaw dropping sight of magnificence in reality. You don’t have to be a CEO, television personality or movie star to live in these opulent apartments, but you can feel like one. You can entertain a loved one or friends on your private terrace or in the stunning formal dining room.
The designers mixed modern and art deco to enhance and update the classic style of living in the 21st century. The sleek clean lines of the state-of-the-art kitchens make you or your chef feel like an award winner.
The Town Real Estate firm offers and defines, elegant, lavish and classic tastes and can satisfy any palette.

Organo Gold Wants To Enrich The Lives Of The World

Organo Gold is one the fastest growing Network Marketing companies in the world. They began in 2008 with a three person staff coffee shop. With hard work by independent distributors and employees, Organo Gold now operates in 35 different countries. Their mission today is to help people enrich their lives by attaining new levels of wellness, balance and prosperity.

CEO of Organo Gold is Bernardo Chua who has been in multilevel marketing for years. He was the executive with Gano Excel in the Philippines, and after three years helped to expand it to Hong Kong and Canada and then to the United States. As founder of Organo Gold he was already an established and successful businessman. The difference with his new venture of Organo Gold is that it came from a vision of Chua’s to bring the ancient Chinese herb to the rest of the world.

Organo Gold provides the world with premium gourmet beverages, nutraceuticals and personal care products. Designed to meet any lifestyle and enhanced with ancient Chinese herbal remedies their products are on a mission to spread knowledge to the world. The vision of Organo Gold is to improve people’s lives by helping them attain new levels of balance, prosperity, and wellness. They have achieved their success in just five short years and they want to share it with the rest of the world.

Some of the products carried by Organo Gold are:
* Premium Blend Gourmet Black Gold- this is a brewed coffee delivering the rich benefits of Ganoderma (a type of mushroom having been consumed for thousands of years in Asia and known for its benefits on the ability to maintain or improve health). This royalty roasted black coffee comes in three flavors and is unsweetened and fat free.
* Gourmet Cafe Latte- uses quality Arabica beans and ganoderma, blended with cream and sugar for that creamy latte experience minus the wait.
* Ganoderma Lucidum- provides the benefits in 90 capsule bottles and is known as the supernatural mushroom. Revered in China, this marvelous mushroom is now packaged in a vegetable capsule and contains antioxidants and other natural ingredients.
* Premium G3 Beauty Soap- this beauty soap has been created with a special formula to not only clean but to also moisturize skin. This soap contains powerful antioxidant-boosting ingredients; glutathione, grape seed oil and organic ganoderma lucidum. It will provide the results of glowing, youthful skin that leaves you looking radiant.

As a growing global family, Organo Gold not only provides gourmet products they also make positive impacts on a huge scale. They are the corporate sponsor of the OG Cares Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit organization enriching young people’s lives by helping them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

How Is Handybook Helping Homeowners With Handy Work?

Handybook is a brand new app for Handy that is making it easy to finally get top of the line handymen work, cleaning services, and plumbing freelancers that are within a persons area. The app has given people the chance to find handymen within practically an instant. It’s super easy to utilize the entire app for homeowners. Just a click of a button can yield tons of results that are within the area. For Handybook, they have spent the past few months and even years redefining this system of their’s to make it easy for everybody to find who they need to clean or fix their home.


How Is Handybook Helping Homeowners With Handy Work?


Handybook is an app that allows for homeowners to literally find all of the people they need to provide handyman and cleaning services. Sometimes, going to a company isn’t the best decision. There are people who want a small type of service and want just a freelancer to do the work. The hardest part is not finding the right business to help you out. This app has made it easy to be able to find the right handyman in the area. The best part is the little amount of work needed to find a handyman.


A homeowner only needs to type in their zip code, and they’ll be given the chance to get the best freelancer in the area. The best part is that the app does all the scheduling and work to handle all the work needed. There are some freelancers who do not get the chance to work for the company. The reason behind this is the fact that tey are tough on their freelance handymen. They do not just choose anybody at all to do the work. They have explained that they strive to hire only the best in the industry. People must pass some seriously strong tests in order to know what to do and get hired by the company.


Handybook is extremely powerful and famous for how they are guiding so many people on achieving all of their services at the best possible prices. They also contract only the most experienced people by only choosing about 3% of the people that apply for the job. It’s oddly tough to get hired and accepted into the company, but this company has been able to handle and hire just the right people in the right areas. The app now acts similarly to the Uber, and it is consistently becoming one of the newest ways to get all the service that is needed to finally get what needs to be fixed. Handybook works tirelessly by creating different systems in place to hire only the best in the industry.

Product Recognition Technology Can Drive Sales for Online Retailers

It all began with apps like Google Goggles, and it was a fun, new way to search for things on the internet. Google Goggles was one of the first visual search engines available to smart phone users. What exactly is a visual search engine? It is an application that allows you to search the internet in the same way you would using Google or Bing, but by simply snapping a photo of what you are searching for. Visual search engines would return results about items similar to the photo you took. It’s as easy as that.

While it all began as a fun way to search for things on the internet, online businesses began to see how valuable technology like this could be to driving sales. As the technology has evolved, services like Product Recognition are helping drive traffic to the websites of online retailers. As with any new technology in serious development companies like Slyce stepping onto the stage to offer brand-specific Product Recognition. Companies want consumers to get their brands in the top results when using visual searches and companies like Slyce are using Product Recognition technologies to lead buyers to their brand and their website.

Product Recognition is a great new way to get your brand name out there and it’s a powerful online marketing tool for retailers wanting to get their products in front of the people searching on the internet. Companies like Slyce are giving them the tools they need to do just that. As one of the leaders in this field they can boast clients such as luxury retailer Neiman Marcus and visual shopping apps like Craves. They are helping online retailers and online shoppers connect with the snap of a photo. As this technology continues to develop and continues to broaden and grow in use we are sure to see a dramatic impact form companies employing Product Recognition as an online marketing tool.

Writing Good Wikipedia Content

People write content for Wikipedia all the time. In fact, this site has become one of the places that people refer to more frequently than practically any other website when they want information about a certain topic. The fact that it can be written and edited by anyone is one of the things that makes this site so unique. It is also one of the things that makes it a go-to source for practically any topic and the world. Having said that, there are some right ways and some wrong ways to go about writing content for the site. For anyone that is planning on doing so, it is vitally important that these guidelines be followed.

Creating Proper Content
Some individuals have the misconception that anything goes when writing content for the site. This largely stems from the fact that it is a site that can be edited and maintained by the very people who are looking for information. The problem with that type of thinking is that the site will not accept content unless it is up to their minimum standards. Even then, the content may need to be edited by someone else. For anyone that really wants to contribute, it simply makes more sense to pay attention to the guidelines in the first place and avoid all of this.

Staying Objective
One of the most important things about writing content for Wikipedia involves the ability to remain objective when posting information. There is certainly nothing wrong with having an opinion, but you cannot have an opinion that is expressed on this website. You can write about events, facts and even things such as public speculation as long as you clearly state that it is nothing more than that, but you cannot interject your personal opinions about a person, place or event into the information that you are writing. You need to take it from the perspective of writing a newspaper article. If you would not include certain information in a newspaper article, then it should not be included in the Wikipedia post either.

As long as you follow these simple steps, you can create effective content for Wikipedia. Remember to cite your sources and include only that information that can be proven as fact whenever possible. If you need to include something else, be sure to state that it is a matter of public opinion as opposed to a fact that can be proved or disproved. Follow the guidelines for content and for the format from the beginning. This will help the entire process go much more smoothly and eliminate the frustration that you might experience otherwise.