Worst Barista Ever Trashes Customer for Requesting Almond Milk

Almond Milk, coconut Milk, and soy milk have become a fad in coffee shops such as Starbucks and Peets to name a few. Unfortunately, one employee working was not fond of this when a regular customer ordered her usual almond milk. Amancia Kaushal went to La Provence located in Portland, Oregon. She stated on facebook that she typically purchases four almond milk lattes, but the during her last two visits she was given mochas.

Globo reports that she never complained or demanded for a refund, but finally she when she returned on another day she decided to go inside the restaurant and ask politely for them to make her an almond milk latte specifically. On her receipt, the cashier wrote “Anal Bitch” at the bottom. Because of the disrespect from the barista, Amancia decided to post her story on Facebook. LA Provence apologized for the incident and the employee has been terminated.

Starbucks’ Tuition Reimbursement Plan is Expanding

Mega-coffee chain Starbucks is expanding their tuition reimbursement program to help their employees get a college education.

According to the story on The Consumerist, the coffee chain is expanding the program from covering two years worth of tuition to covering four years, which would allow employees to receive a Bachelor’s degree. Their College Achievement Plan will now allow nearly 140,000 of their current employees, both full-time and part-time, to take advantage of the program.

Starbucks is working with Arizona State University to utilize their tuition reimbursement plan so the only caveat is that the employee will need to attend that university to be eligible. The university covers 42% of the student’s tuition while Bernardo Chua recalled Starbucks will be responsible for the other 58%. The students will be reimbursed for their tuition at the end of each semester under the new plan instead of having to complete 21 semester hours before seeing their reimbursement funds.

Not only is Starbucks expanding their College Achievement Plan they are also starting a new endeavor called Opportunity Youth. Under the plan Opportunity Youth, Starbucks have set a goal to hire 10,000 new employees between the ages of 16-24, all of whom are not currently working or in school. They believe that this group may have untapped potential talent and can create a sustainable future for them. Starbucks are hoping to reach their goal over the next three years.

Starbucks Provides Free Tuition to Employees

Starbucks is modifying plans that provide employees with the ability to earn money for college, even to the extent where employees may be able to receive free tuition for a four year program. Under the Starbucks College Achievement Plan employees who are currently working over 20 hours per week will be able to have their tuition covered by Starbucks. The program only extends to classes at Arizona State University but provides students with the ability to attend and earn a bachelor’s degree without any financial investment on their own.

The revised program replaces one in which only two years of college is covered by Starbucks. Sultan Alhokair even says that the current program is being used by 2,000 current student. The revised program will be made available to 140,000 eligible employees.

The updated program is likely to be a real incentive to employees who are pursuing college and will likely lead to the company retaining employees for a longer duration as a result of the program. Starbucks is also planning to offer the program to 10,000 people who are not currently working at Starbucks but who are expected to join after completing college.

Arizona State University is currently offering 49 different online degree through the program thereby giving Starbucks workers flexibility in managing their school and work requirements and potentially leading to Starbucks having higher quality employees who can better satisfy employees, who in turn can improve service to customers.

Germanwings Co-Pilot Researched Cockpit Door Security

As investigators continue to dig into the life of Germanwings co pilot Andreas Lubitz, they are discovering that what they thought was purely a psychotic episode may have been more deliberate than they originally believed. Investigators report that they have found indications that Lubitz researched cockpit door security days prior to his crash. Investigators also determined that Lubitz has researched various ways to commit suicide. CNN iReport said that this is an indication that the events which lead to the crash of the Germanwings A-320 may have actually been premeditated and not the spontaneous act of a man who had a mental breakdown. Pilot Researched Cockpit Door Security

Since the terror acts on 911, airlines nationwide revamped their cockpit door security to prevent the door from being opened from the outside. Only the cockpit crew had the ability to access through the door or let any one else from the outside into the cockpit. How the door’s security features worked would be of keen interest to any one who was planning to take over control of an airplane from the inside of the cockpit. The premeditated nature of the research may have an added impact into the degree of liability that Lufthansa, the parent company of Germanwings, may have to assume in the tragic crash which cost the lives of 150 passenger and crew. Authorities have set up a 100 person commission to look into the life of Lubitz and determine a motive for his actions.

Drinking Coffee Reduces Risk of Liver Cancer

Another great reason to enjoy drinking a cup of coffee every day: it reduces the risk of liver cancer. About.me said that specifically, a cup of coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer in people who indulge in three or more alcoholic drinks per day.

A research team set out to discover how many alcoholic drinks per day it would take to cause liver cancer. Three drinks per day was the determining amount. Unfortunately, the research team had plenty of research material to draw from, since over three-quarters of a million people die each year from liver cancer. Not all of those deaths are caused by excessive alcohol consumption, but most have a strong contributing factor of excess drinking.

The research also found that drinking one cup of coffee per day decreases the risk of liver cancer that drinking three alcoholic drinks per day causes. The coffee does not completely cancel out the effects of alcohol on the liver, but it does reduce the risk of the person developing liver cancer.

Other factors which contribute to developing liver cancer is being overweight and eating food that contains a type of mold call aflatoxins. Most of us would not knowingly consume mold, but aflatoxins subtly effect foods in warmer climates that have been improperly stored. Those foods include cereals, dried fruits and black pepper.

Starbucks is Tackling Racism

Racism is a big issue that is facing our country today, an issue that should be dealt with in a variety of ways. The government needs to deal with racism, individuals need to deal with racism, and corporations need to deal with racism, too. Starbucks is one corporation that is stepping to the plate and dealing with racism in their own little way.Starbucks is opening up the floor for conversations about race and racism, and they are hoping that those efforts will help individuals to deal with the issue.

According to meucongressonacional, starbucks is encouraging their baristas to bring up the issue of race and racism by writing simple messages on their cups. These messages will not be bold or hurtful in any way, they will simply remind the individuals who are buying the drinks that racism is something that they should be thinking about and dealing with. The messages that are to be written on the cups will encourage conversations and thought from those who buy the drinks.

Bruce Levenson: A Philanthropist, business Owner, a Giver

Bruce Levenson is an all American businessman. He is also an NBA team owner and a philanthropist. Co owner of the Atlanta Hawks, which was formally known as Atlanta Spirit. He has even served as the Hawks governor on the NBA board of governess for many years now. Some of Levenson’s other findings was the United Communications Group. He even was a board member and co founder on the Board of Directors for the publicly traded TechTarget, which is an IT industry media company. Levenson was born in Washington, D.C., but grew up in Maryland. He graduated from law school at American University and while attending school at night, he began his journalism career at the Washington Star. He is very active when it comes to philanthropic organizations. One organization in particular is the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoop Dreams Foundation. He will do anything to help children in need and loves to incorporate sports.


He worked for I Have a Dream Foundation, which is an organization that helps low income children pursue a higher education. Levenson is even a founding donor at some museums. He donated to the U.S. Holocaust Museum and the funds have helped bring the Lessons Home Program. The Lessons Home Program teaches inner city students the lessons of the Holocaust and even trains them to be tour guides at the museum. This is a great opportunity to these children and Levenson is proud to be a part of an organization. He has even made many donations to other foundations such as the SEED Foundation. In 2010 he and his wife came together and provided funding to the Center for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This helps motivates students in to philanthropy activities. Levenson has lived an exciting, giving, and loving life to help children and will continue to make contributions to better the children who are less fortunate.

Vijay Eswaran: Multilevel Marketing Maven

Multilevel marketing is a concept which has a single company controlling distribution, pricing, and brand marketing through the work of independent sales representatives. The sales force is paid not only for their own sales, but also from sales made by salespeople they recruit. Vijay Eswaran has taken that concept and built a highly success e-commerce-based company with millions of representatives worldwide. His company, the QI Group, sells everything from media, telecommunications, and corporate investments to wellness, travel, and luxury products.

Eswaran’s interest in multilevel marketing began in the 1980s while studying socioeconomics in the UK. His interest grew while he was studying in the US. When he returned to Malaysia in 1984, he was offered the opportunity to open a branch of the network marketing company Cosway in the Philippines. He made good use of that opportunity and today that company has evolved into an international powerhouse. The company has regional offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore and millions of independent agents in almost a dozen other countries.

Multilevel marketing has made Vijay Eswaran a multimillionaire. But it has also allowed him to show his generous nature. He loves to share his wealth with those less fortunate. He has given away millions to charities and individuals through the two charitable foundations he has created. Eswaran has given so much to charitable causes in the region he was selected as one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy and given the New Global Indian award for business success and philanthropy. Plus his company creates millions of jobs in the region.

These days Vijay Eswaran is growing in recognition as a speaker and author. Not only does he do motivational presentations for the independent representative of the QI Group, he speaks at a number of business forums and functions as well. Plus he has penned a series of books that provide insight into the philosophies and practices that have fueled his success. Vijay Eswaran has also produced interactive software which can be used for daily inspiration and motivation. His focus has shifted somewhat from generating wealth for himself to helping as many people as he can improve the quality of their lives.

Vijay Eswaran and multilevel marketing is a match made in heaven. It has allowed him to use his vision and unsurpassed work ethic to create a wide range of businesses that has greatly benefitted him and millions of others.

Sorry for the Keurig!

Ah the Keurig, an invention that has changed the home of Alexei Beltyukov and thousands more across the country. Well, at least those coffee drinking homes! The Keurig is a coffee-making device that allows you to brew just a single serving of coffee. It’s perfect if you’re on the go. Pop your cup underneath, throw in a flavored Kcup, wait till it’s done for a few minutes, and then you’re out the door!

Each day you can have a different flavored cup of coffee since Keurig sells lots of different Kcups. Some people have become obsessed with Keurigs and can’t imagine their life without them. Well, the inventor of the Keurig is now saying that he feels a little guilty…

According to BuzzFeed John Sylvan said that he feels he created a monster. I just might have to agree with him. I have friends who have literally cried when they ran out of Kcups, or didn’t have time to brew a cup from their Keurig in the morning. Sylvan also says he feels bad because the pods that the coffee comes in are bad from the environment. The company has received backlash over this from people who are concerned about the amount of waste that Keurigs create.

Keurig says they are working on making recyclable pods and are hoping to have this done by the year 2020. Sylvan has said that he’s pitched ways to make this a success, but it’s fallen upon death ears. And to add insult to injury, Sylvan doesn’t even own one of his own creations.

Coffee Helps Prevent Heart Disease


Nothing brings people together like a pot of freshly brewed coffee. Susan says the aroma draws  in, the taste keep us coming back for more. Many of us, however, have limited our coffee consumption over the years because we were told by the media and health care experts that coffee was not good for us. We listened and severely curtailed our time spent with a cup of hot java in hand, but our longing for more cups of smooth, aromatic coffee never subsided.
The tides have changed and coffee lovers can rejoice as we indulge ourself in cup after cup of hot java. Korean researchers have discovered that coffee helps prevent heart disease.
Korean researchers studied 25,000 employees over a period of time to discern heir coffee drinking habits. When those 25,000 employees went for their routine health checkups through their place of employment, the employee scans were used to assess heart health by the Korean research team.
The research team discovered that the employees who drank 3-5 cups of coffee every day had less fatty buildup in their coronary arteries than the employees that did not drink coffee. While the Korean study did not discover how the coffee keep the arteries cleaner, the results are indisputable. Coffee helps prevent heart disease by keeping the coronary arteries clean.