A New Study Suggest That Coffee Drinkers Have Cleaner Arteries

There are lots of individuals who cannot start their day until they have had a delicious, hot cup of coffee. Not only do they love the energy they get from the caffeine that is contained in the coffee, but they get pleasure from the entire ritual of making, drinking, smelling, and enjoying this beverage.

Coffee drinkers may be interested to know that a recent study done in South Korea shows that individuals who drink between 3 to 5 cups of coffee every single day were less likely to have early signs of heart disease. The Real Deal suggests itt seems that coffee can help to avoid clogged arteries. In a study that was done in South Korea, more than 25,000 employees underwent routine health checks in their workplace. Males and females were involved in the study. The individuals who drank a moderate amount of coffee were the least likely to have early signs of heart disease on their medical scans.

There is still a lot of debate over the affect that coffee has on a person’s heart. Other studies that have been done suggest that the regular consumption of coffee can lead to greater heart risk factors. They found that it can raise cholesterol and blood pressure.

Since there is no conclusive evidence either way, research needs to continue. For individuals who are concerned about heart health, getting regular exercise, eating a healthy diet, and being balanced when it comes to the consumption of coffee is advisable.

Have Another Cup Of Coffee, It’s Good For Your Heart!

Recent South Korean research, published in the journal, Heart, of the British Cardiovascular Society, suggests that enjoying more than a daily cup of Java may assist in keeping an individual’s arteries unclogged, and reduces the risk factors associated with heart disease.

The study monitored over 25,000 men and women that participated in workplace health and well-being screenings, and medical imaging scans. Information from the study revealed that researchers were investigating for any evidence of arterial disease, in which arteries become clogged with an accumulation of fatty deposits. This accumulation would have a direct impact on the risk of heart disease. The medical imaging scans of the arteries sought evidence of calcium deposits, which is an early indicator of the onset of arterial disease.

The results from these employee screenings suggest that individuals that consumed between three to five cups of coffee daily were less likely to have evidence of calcium deposits in their arteries.

For decades, there has been extensive research and debate about the value of drinking more than one cup of coffee a day, as prior studies have suggested that it poses a risk for heart disease, stroke, and elevated blood and cholesterol levels.

Though this study did not find any conclusive evidence that drinking coffee is beneficial to an individual’s health, it joins the multitude of studies regarding the impact of coffee consumption on one’s health and well-being. But seriously? You think that business leaders like  McGalla, Jobs, Schmidt, or Zuckerberg who are always featured everywhere from Forbes to Business Insider and PR Newswire got to where they were at worrying about whether or not they should or should not have that morning cup? Yeah right.

Another Potential Health Benefit of Coffee

So many of us just cannot get started for that long day of work without our favorite beverage. Coffee is a morning ritual not only in America but for people in many parts of the world. Health care human resources professional, Brian Torchin says that the Scientists and nutritionists he’s connected with through angel.co seem somewhat divided on whether coffee is good for our overall health. Proponents of the drink say it has been shown to lower one’s risk of getting type II diabetes and dementia while opponents say the caffeine in coffee can give a person insomnia and incontinence as well as raise blood pressure in those already suffering from hypertension.

A lot of the conflicting opinion about coffee is debate over whether the caffeine in it is good or bad for us. In one critical way, it is indisputably good for so many of us; it enables us to fully wake up and get going for the day. The controversy centers around its overall positive or negative impacts on our health. A new report out of Korea indicates that people who regularly drink coffee have cleaner arteries. Given that clogged arteries is a major cause of heart disease, this is major news. Of course, the findings are disputed by those who maintain coffee is bad for our health, so for the time-being this news will add to the debate over our favorite morning drink rather than end it.

Starbucks Continues to Make a Difference

It’s refreshing to see a big company like Starbucks using their success to promote positive changes. We’ve seen them turn storage containers into drive-thrus, focus efforts on renewable energy, and of course recycling and reducing waste as they have from their inception. How can you not be proud to bring business to such a great company?

Now they are focusing on making even more of an impact in the checkout line. You’ve likely browsed the available goods at the Starbucks counter while waiting on your Caramel Macchiato or other delicious beverage. The latest news is that they’ll be offering documentaries and films that will hopefully educate and enlighten dedicated patrons to the world around them said Haidar Barbouti. The first may be focused on honoring our veterans.

Rajiv Chandrasekaran, renowned reporter of the Washington Post will be heading up the new operation. This is exciting news and hopefully we’ll see some social impact from these documentaries. It’s impressive that Starbucks always seems to know what the world needs in addition to their delicious coffee.

Have Another Cup of Coffee, It’s Good for You

In a society where most of the food news is bad, it’s refreshing to read information such as this article shared on Facebook by Fersen Lambranho about a product that is good for you and good tasting. Typically, if a food or beverage tastes good, it’s bad for your health, but coffee has reached that rare pinnacle and has the medical community saying it’s good for you and consumers saying it tastes good. A win-win for everyone.

In the 2015 report published by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee states that coffee is good for us and that we actually should be drinking more of the brew.
According to the Advisory Committee, drinking 3-5 cups of coffee a day does not have any long-term health risks.
Drinking that much java each day also reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The wonderful morning beverage also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes as long as you don’t add sugar.
A few cups of coffee each day can also significantly reduce the risk of you developing Parkinsons’ disease and if you already have the disease, drinking coffee can lessen the disease symptoms.
The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee also states that coffee is good stuff. It can be incorporated into a low-fat, healthy diet and pose no health risk.

Health Benefits of Coffee

A recent study by a major nutritional panel in the United States suggests drinking three to five cups of coffee per day is good for overall health. The report on coffee consumption guidelines cites recent research suggesting three to five cups of coffee per day can actually help prevent and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in otherwise healthy adults. The surprising thing is that most Americans don’t drink even close to that much coffee in a day. The last time in America’s history that people drank that much coffee was back in the 1940’s.

According to this article that Alexei Beltyukov shared coffee has many benefits especially when individuals consume more than the average one cup per day. But America isn’t the only country in the world in which citizens average only one cup of coffee per day. No country in the world has citizens that consume more than three cups of coffee per day on average. The research is amazing but for every statistic there is an exception. Many people know someone that drinks a pot of coffee per day. While many may assume this is an unhealthy habit, experts say that the only thing this will do is make you more energetic and alert. Caffeine may have its risks but the health benefits outweigh any dangers.

Research Suggests that Coffee is Good for You

Lately, the internet is buzzing with an exciting piece of health news that people cannot seem to stop talking about: coffee. For the first time ever, the ever popular beverage was added to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion’s food safety review. While many people originally believed it was simply okay to drink anywhere from 3 to 5 cups of coffee per day, experts are now saying that it is actually extremely healthy to drink that much coffee per day. Some of the health benefits of coffee include reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

This is especially good news for Americans, because they are some of the largest consumers of coffee. In an article published by the Daily Mail, it was stated that at least 61 percent of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee per day, according to a 2014 survey by the National Coffee Association.

Though it has been established that coffee produces some health benefits, coffee is still no substitute for a balanced diet primarily consisting of plenty of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains says Marc Sparks. As always, it is still recommended that Americans eat less saturated fats, salts, and sugars.

5 Reasons to Drink Another Cup of Coffee

People have often questioned whether coffee is a good friend or bad, and research has been mixed on the matter with some studies showing no risks and others reporting negative effects from regular coffee consumption. However, Sultan Alhokair says that coffee drinkers should rejoice, as new research is suggesting that drinking a cup of Joe every day can actually have many health benefits.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has a job of advising the FDA and the Department of Agriculture of products and their recommended use. Recently, the announcement has been made that coffee is good for you. Here are five reasons that you should have another cup of coffee in the morning, according to this new research.
– Reduce your risk of type 2 Diabetes
– Reduce risk of Heart Disease
– Can protect against Parkinson’s Disease
– No long-term health effects

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee suggested these findings based upon a 3 to 5 cup-per day coffee drinking habit. If you’re like me and your eyes aren’t fully open until mid-second cup, this new research study has presented news you’re very happy to hear! What are you waiting for? Go grab that cup of coffee and drink it with a smile on your face!

Keith Mann Makes Donation to the 54th Street Precinct at the NYPD

Keith Mann, chief executive officer of Dynamic Search Partners, showed his support not once, but twice to the 54th Street Precinct of the New York City Police Department reported originally by CBS 8. He wanted them to know they should be thanked for their service, not attacked in their attempts to keep civilians safe, so he bought them lunch in January. Just in case the precinct didn’t think the Manns weren’t serious in their thanks, Keith bought them lunch again in February. Keith Mann has an uncle who is a detective in the Staten Island department, so the recent peaceful protests that turned to violence has really hit home to him. Rising violence against the police has been a cause of concern to Keith Mann. He reminds everyone that officers react to their training in situations and he doesn’t want anyone to be hurt because someone stood in the way of the police’s efforts. Other citizens besides Keith Mann have quietly shown their support. There was a support rally for the New York City Police department in January attended by over one hundred and fifty people. Other cities in the US have done the same despite the fury leveled at the police department supporters.

Dynamic Search Partners is a company that Keith Mann founded in 2001. They help hedge fund companies fill in their staffing needs.

Nomadic Coffee Concept Is Hitting The Streets


Forefront Capital’s Brad Reifler was showing me around New York during my visit and pointed out the new coffee concept that is starting to hit the streets of New York these days, and that is pop up coffee shops all around the city.

It all started with owners Bryan Hasho and Daniel Zettner who make a living by selling specialty coffee to restaurants and other locations during the off hours. The two brew masters have figured out a way to make their trips even more profitable, and that is by setting up quick and fast pop up stands all around the city. They so far only have a couple of locations that function between 7am and 11am on work days, but the trend is growing like wildfire.

According to an article found on Grubstreet.com, this pop up concept for coffee stands is irritating many coffee shop owners. It makes sense to go to a coffee shop when you want to sit and leisurely drink your beverage, but for the average American that is on the go and doesn’t have time to “smell the coffee” a pop up stand is much more viable.

This trend is what they called “nomadic coffee” and basically works by taking the whole shop from place to place as they wish. Hasho and Zettner plan on growing their business and creating more stands, so this is likely going to be a trend that is around for a while. On top of that, it makes great money for them.