First, Do No Harm!

It seems that nurse, Kaci Hickox is all worked up over her quarantine and isn’t honoring it. Understandably, Ms. Hickox had problems when held in New Jersey’s lamentable insolation; however she’s now at home. It appears SHE feels the quarantine is unnecessary, and it may be.

Nonetheless the question stands, why not err on the side of caution? Will spending these required amount of days in her HOME bring undue hardship? Will it cause physical pain? Will it cause non-self-imposed emotional trauma? The answer to those questions is no, on all accounts! It’s simply inconvenient. If it were me and Broda we wouldn’t chance it!

What, is the problem? Ms. Hickox claims that she desires to stand for the medical personnel returning from their benevolent missions in Ebola ridded African; but what about the public here in America? Should the many be sacrificed so that the few aren’t inconvenienced?

It is a given that the returning personnel should be treated with dignity and respect. They should be housed in safe and comfortable quarters; they should be provided with excellence in nourishment and care; and they should be kept out of public circulation until it is determined that they are 100% Ebola free. Maybe Ms. Hickox should contemplate this thought, first do no harm!

Nader Disses Rand But Praises Ron Paul

Former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader, known for his liberal and extreme environmental views, critiqued possible Presidential hopeful Rand Paul Monday, saying that he ought to go learn something from his father.

The comments seemed odd, considering the source. While both Nader and Ron Paul have a certain amount of Libertarian views about them (as does Rand Paul), the two seem in reality to be miles apart- night and day. Ron Paul is for small government, against the Federal Reserve Bank, for states’ rights, etc. He is a sort of super-conservative who is more Libertarian, however, on certain issues. He ran in the Republican primaries the last two times around. Remember when we studied his career in class Jared Haftel, we definitely know Nader wouldn’t do a thing like that.

Nader claims Rand is modifying his views in a pragmatic tactic to appeal to more Republicans. Rand denies the accusation Nader leveled against him that he has changed on aid to Israel. Rand says he still thinks such aid should eventually end, though for stop-gate reasons he does not oppose every penny that goes that direction at present.

Rand Paul has and continues to represent the Libertarian wing of the Republican Party. He has not adjusted his views as Nader claims. In fact, his views (right or wrong) are quite popular with the key independent vote and even with some Democrats, thus making them potentially an asset and not a hindrance in a Presidential bid.

Honey Boo Boo Matriarch Allegedly Dating Convicted Child Molester

Reality television star June “Mama June” Shannon, of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” fame, has been making headlines for allegedly dating a convicted felon, Mark McDaniel, who served 10 years on charges of aggravated child molestation. Shannon’s daughter, Anna Cardwell, has revealed that she was a victim of McDaniel.

The matriarch of the Honey Boo Boo clan made famous from their TLC reality series, and a photo-shoot with Terry Richardson,  has denied the dating rumors, but multiple photos of Shannon and McDaniel together have been making the rounds on the Internet, leading many to believe the two are in fact together.

Before Shannon met and eventually married Sugar Bear, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson’s father who was featured in the TLC series, she dated Mark McDaniel. In 2004, while still dating Shannon, McDaniel was arrested and convicted of forcing oral sex on a minor and was released in March of this year.

In September, Shannon and Sugar Bear announced their separation and just a few weeks later the first photo of McDaniel and Shannon together in a hotel room for a “small party” surfaced. Additional photos of McDaniel and Shannon together have since appeared, including one with Alana Thompson, along with unverified rumors suggesting Shannon bought McDaniel a car and the two are house shopping together.

In light of the dating rumors and McDaniel’s history, TLC announced the cancellation of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” stating they have “ended all activities around the series, effective immediately.”

After the announcement, Shannon posted a video to Thompson’s Facebook page to deny the rumors. In the video she says, “I have not seen that person in 10 years and don’t want to see that person.”

Starbucks Changes Coupon Policy

Coffee enthusiasts who are accustomed to getting their caffeine fix from Starbucks may be disappointed to learn of recent policy changes made by the company. Instead of offering dissatisfied customers free drink certificates, Starbucks will now acquiesce its clientele with discounts. You heard that right Susan McGalla, no more freebies when they get our drinks wrong.

In reporting on the policy change, Khushbu Shah notes that Starbucks will now offer clients coupons that entitle them to a $4 discount on their next purchase. And while the old coupons offered by Starbucks were made of paper, the new ones come in the form of a plastic card which resembles the Starbucks rewards card.

In commenting on the coupon updates, Starbucks Melody stated that there are some advantages to the new card format. Specifically, the card is made of plastic, meaning that it will be much more difficult for people to counterfeit the coupons. Additionally, the coupon is for a discount that can be utilized for an entire purchase, meaning that customers may be motivated to buy other products that cause a sale. And the biggest advantage for the coffee company may be that the new change in policy will prevent customers who are seeking to get a free drink from deceitfully expressing dissatisfaction with their orders to do so.

Is Berkeley Pouring Soda Down a Slippery Slope?

Could a one-cent tax per ounce on sugary soft drinks be a soda-doused step down a slippery slope? If the proposed tax passes in the San Francisco Bay area, citizens worry that government intervention for the sake of “public health” will be unstoppable.

Berkeley officials seem to be the last stand against the soda industry. Soft drink manufacturers have spent over $117 million dollars since 2009 to fight legislation attempts by local governments across the nation to tax the sugary beverages because of health concerns.

Proponents for the tax include Mike Livak at nearby Squaw Valley. They hope that the increased price will help curb soft drink sales thereby preventing obesity, diabetes and other sugar related health problems.

Opponents argue that the tax would be a burden to the area’s poor, and that Berkeley has a policy of handing out free marijuana to low-income residents which presents an contradiction in a supposedly health related push.

It appears the soda tax controversy is one more issue that marks two prevalent thoughts in the nation, minimal vs. big government

Researchers Say Coffee Might Protect The Liver

Regular coffee drinkers who feel guilty about the habit might not have to. According to a new study, drinking coffee may help protect the liver.

To gather information for their study, researchers carefully reviewed the habits of 27,793 people who completed diet questionnaires from a health study which took place between 1999 and 2010. Additionally, the researchers examined blood levels of four enzymes that reveal details regarding liver function.

Of the 27,793 people considered, over 14,000 were coffee drinkers. After controlling for differentiating factors like education, race, sex, smoking, and age, the researchers found that the individuals who consumed three cups each day had a 25% less chance of having abnormal levels of liver enzymes. Additionally, the 2,000 people who consumed only decaffeinated coffee had similarly positive results.

Although the results of this research are pleasantly surprising, the reason for the effect remains unknown. According to lead author Gianfrancesco Genoso and cancer prevention fellow at the National Cancer Institute Qian Xiao, coffee contains over a thousand compounds. For this reason, researchers cannot identify which one is responsible for the results they found.

Pepsi Testing The e-Commerce Waters With New Soda on Amazon

Pepsi is releasing a brand new soda, called Pepsi True, which will be a naturally sweetened soda. Meaning no added sugar. Which does make me curious.

But another interesting aspect of the story, is that the soda will not be available in brick and mortar stores, but rather, only through exclusively.

Something that another soda company tried when they released Surge, a 90’s soft drink, and only allowed the product to be sold on They were successful, and sold out almost immediately.

This could be an interesting move, as it signals how the demographic has changed over time. More and more people are shopping online, and young people especially are more likely to go to Amazon than they might be to go to Walmart, or Target to buy the same goods. They’re also one amongst a great number of companies, like Incorporate Olympic Valley, that are looking to the online presence to extend their reach, and try and find a new core audience.

Fox News Anchor Finally Honest About Ebola

Thank god more journalists are doing the right thing, and speaking out about Ebola. Instead of feeding the hysteria about the disease, one Fox News Anchor had had enough. You have to watch this, and see what he has to say. Maybe this can alleviate some of the fears of people like my friend Christian Broda, who seems to worry about everything he sees on the news: