Select Starbucks Locations Selling a Seahawks Frappuccino

Starbucks is getting into the spirit of football. The company, in light of the Seattle Seahawks appearance in the super bowl have begun to sell a blue and green Frappuccino to show their team spirit. The drink was invented by a barista who happens to be a huge Seahawks fan, according to a press release. 

The Frappuccino is a simple blend of a blueberry frappe and the company’s vanilla bean frappe (a favorite of Lee G. Lovett) to create an enticing blue hue. The drink is then topped with a Matcha whip cream which is bright green in color. The concoction will be available throughout the super bowl week in select stores in Washington state and Oregon. 

Starbucks was originally started in Seattle, and their flagship store remains one of the most popular locations to visit in the rainy city. The company has deep roots in Seattle and has, over the years, celebrated the city as their birthplace in a myriad of ways, but this is the first time the company has showed their team allegiance. 

Patriots fans, sadly, won’t be able to show their spirit through Starbucks as the two teams gear up for Sunday’s big game, but there is a restaurant that renamed all of its menu items for the team, so there is always that.

I Joined FreedomPop To Save Money

I joined a new phone company, and I was very excited to use my new smart phone. I had one of the best smart phones that are out there, and I paid for a specific plan. I didn’t sign a contract, but my billing went from month-to-month. Each month my bill was coming up to be a different price, and it started to frustrate me. Although I was supposed to have unlimited minutes and text messages, as well as data, my bill would fluctuate each month, and go higher than what I had agreed upon. Each time I called to ask why, I was given excuses.

One month I was told that my bill went higher, because I had gone over my text limit, but I had unlimited text messages, so go figure. Another month I was told that my bill was higher, because I made an international phone call, even though my phone is blocked from making those calls. I finally got fed up, and I decided that it was my last month using the company I was with. I was sick and tired of the fluctuating phone bills, and I just wanted one bill that stayed the same each month.

I also wanted to save some money on my phone bill as well. I found a company called FreedomPop, and I did some research on their services by checking their Facebook and company profiles. Not only could I use my smart phone on their services, I could also get internet for my home. I had been considering getting internet for a long time, but because of the cost of my cell phone, I didn’t want to try getting it through the previous phone company. FreedomPop had amazing rates on high speed internet, and I could even transfer my phone over, and begin making phone calls, and text messages for free.

I waited until my current plan was over, then I switched to FreedomPop. I immediately saw a difference in the company FreedomPop, compared to the one I just left. I love their service plans, and to get more minutes on my phone, the fee was incredibly low. I even was able to get internet throughout my home, so my wireless mobile devices could connect to my internet. I decided to get a hotspot from FreedomPop as well, and take it on the road with me. I’m just glad that I switched to FreedomPop, and I’m saving a lot of money.

It Takes a Village: The Jonathan Veitch Approach

As the 15th President of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California, Jonathan Veitch strives to take education back to the basics with a modern twist. With a focus on developing cultural diversity, strengthening community ties, and providing a quality education for all, it’s no wonder Veitch has been dubbed a leading advocate for liberal arts education.

After earning a B.A. from Stanford University and later a Ph.D from Harvard University, Veitch has expanded his 19th and 20th century American literature and cultural history knowledge to his policies and programming at Occidental. His innovative strategic planning process has created new partnerships within the Southern California region and jump-started numerous campus renovations. He has taken the innovative initiative to include local community members, organizations, and policy-makers in most college- wide decisions.

Jonathan Veitch lives the same dream as many of his students and embraces his role as leader of the only liberal arts college in Los Angeles. He chooses to lead by example in most aspects of his position, including embracing diversity and preparing for the future world.

Veitch is the author of American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930’s. His specialization in American history and literature has obviously had a profound effect on the way he works. But today, he is more focused than ever on education. His latest research is focused on the history of higher education in the United States, no doubt with the hope of finding useful strategies and tools to resurrect.

Jonathan Veitch realizes that it takes a village to encourage every person. The world is a collection of partnerships where all must live together. Inspiring students through actions, not words and community strength over differences are the hallmarks of Occidental College President, Jonathan Veitch. Most well-oiled machines have to work great from the top down, and a college’s success is no different.

See Why Sam Tabar Put His Money And Faith In THINX

If you were looking for ways to invest your money, you might not consider investing in a company that makes ladies underwear. The brand produces fashionable underwear for women who are struggling with incontinence and menstruation. However, the brand does much more than that. Herald Online has the story of why Sam Tabar was turned on to the brand as an investment partner.

The THINX brand also has a partnership with AFRIpads. AFRIpads works with girls in African villages who are not able to leave the house when they are on their period. They cannot manage their cycles, and they have to wait in the house until they stop bleeding. AFRIpads provides pads to these women so they can leave the house, and THINX sends seven pads to women in Africa every single time they sell a pair of underwear. Their investment in African women and girls is what made Sam want to invest in them.

This is a study in what doing the right thing means to wise investors. Sam only puts his money where he thinks it will succeed, and he knows that people who are willing to invest women in Africa with basic supplies are the right people to invest with.

North American Spine Celebrates Six Years of Quality Patient Care

As previously reported, North American Spine is best known for their patented AccuraScope procedure. The AccuraScope is minimally invasive spine surgery that treats chronic pain, taking away the need for much more expensive treatments. With over 8,000 satisfied customers, they’ve managed to save thankful people over $23,000! With so many experts trained in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery, and International Pain Management, North American Spine can boost an 82% success rate. And with so much experience, patients can rest assured that this success has no intention of ever slipping. The quality and standards that North American Spine has set with their history and continued effort are a testament to their desire to improve patients’ lives.

Unlike more invasive pain treatments, the AccuraScope doesn’t require years upon years of upkeep and medical visits, or expensive and time consuming hospital stays. It can be easily and conveniently performed in less than an hour by one of North American Spine’s expert specialists. Using advanced cameras and diagnostic tools, the AccuraScope can find the cause of the chronic pain, and treat it directly, not just the symptoms like medication, all without the lengthy hospital stay normally required for spinal surgery.

Patients can feel relief so intense that they will be in awe, like Country Music singer and songwriter Larry Gatlin. The Gatlin brother had been nursing chronic knee pain for 47 long years before he finally discovered the relief of the Accurascope. After nearly half a century of pain he’s finally able to move on his own without the intense pain he’s gotten used to.

“I am a new man. The little bit of soreness I have now is a lot different than a whole lot of pain,” Gatlin said. “I’m a happy camper. It’s a miracle in my life and I am grateful for it.”

Source: PR Newswire

Coffee As A Meal Replacement- A Coming Trend?

There may soon be a new meal replacement on the market. Typically protein bars and shakes are used by individuals who are hoping to slim down by dropping a few pounds. They swap a meal (or two) for one of those less than delicious meal replacements and wait for results. On a different topic, who doesn’t love coffee? Not many people at least in the United States. Some coffee entrepreneurs are working to create a butter infused coffee. That’s right butter. Not only does the coffee taste like butter but it will also carry some of the fat as well. Bulletproof Coffee will be opening cafes that give customers the opportunity to add nutrition supplements and a form of fat to their coffee drinks. All of the added goodness claims to supply all of the fat, calories, and nutrients needed for a meal replacement.  In theory this sounds amazing; skip a meal with your favorite drink and not feel too bad about it but does it actually taste good? We shall just have to wait and read the customer reviews. See what Igor Cornelsen says in his CNBC article about his love for coffee.

North American Spine Helps People Remain Comfortable

Life isn’t always caffeine and activity…sometimes there are some bad things that come alongside. And when I developed my back pain, that was one of those bad things.

But luckily someone pointed me in the direction of North American Spine. I was sort of iffy, until I did a little research on my own. Then I gave them a shot and found out that they were legit.

When you are looking for the best way to treat a spinal condition, you need to remember that there are many options on your side. You will be able to change your life if you are using these options to make your body recover more quickly. You will not be able to recover from your surgery or spinal condition without these simple and revolutionary procedures. They make sure that you can get your spinal treatment done with little trouble.

The Consultation

When They work with you, They are planning to give you the best patient care possible. Every person is different, but They make sure that every person They work with is given a personal treatment plan. These treatment plans outline how They are going to help you get better, and They explain the procedures that They are planning on doing.

The Procedures

When you come in for your appointments, you will be able to get your procedure done as soon as you arrive. They do not make you wait, and They do not force you to get uncomfortable before They begin. Single procedures are done in the privacy of the office, and They have a place where you can recover comfortably.

If you are coming in for one of many treatments, They will make sure that you feel comfortable relaxing in the office before your appointment. They have a staff member who will work with you at every appointment, and They can make sure that you feel comfortable while you are being treated. You should make sure that you schedule your appointments at times that are convenient for you, and you can reschedule at any time.

The Pricing

They price the treatments to make sure that you will be able to afford them. They will work with your insurance company, and They can file all your claims for you. The goal or North American Spine is the safe treatment of your spine. They will make sure that you are cured when the treatments are over, and They will make sure that you are closely monitored after They complete your treatments.

The best way for you to recover from your spinal condition is to make sure that you are able to come to us for help. They schedule treatments that will help you regain your mobility, and They will help prevent you from being in any more pain as a result of a spinal trauma.

Coffee Does Not Make You Hyper


For decades people have been using coffee to stay awake. It is over 25% of a young adults morning ritual. There are thousands of coffee shops across the nation (let alone world) that are both corporate and independent. Coffee is known to make you stay awake because of the caffeine it contains. However, a recent study has shown that it does not actually keep you awake but fools your brain into thinking it is.
Zeca Oliveira says that even he knows all caffeine is essentially doing is preventing brain chemicals that make you tired attach to its desired receptor which would make you sleepy. However, does long term use of coffee cause damage? Especially to the sleep cycle? There are a plethora of reasons why getting a good amount of sleep every day is important, but when we take chemicals this alters that. By drinking caffeine in potent drinks like coffee every single day, we are making our brain used to having that chemical source.
So, your body stops releasing its own chemicals that normally would bind to the receptor making you sleepy. This long-term use therefore could alter your brain chemistry and potentially cause sleep disorders. We know coffee has many benefits but knowing its other potential risks is just as important to knowing how it is helpful.

Cutting Back on Alcohol Lowers Risk of Dementia

The lower amounts of alcohol you imbibe, the lesser risks you have of getting dementia in later years of your life. This is according to Prof. Alistair Burns, who is among the top dementia doctors in England.

The coming year is the most appropriate time and opportunity for each one of us to think about our lifestyles as well as think about anything that we can do to improve or transform to boost our well-being- both physical and psychological. This is what Burns told The Telegraph UK.

As per Dietary Guidelines created for Americans, moderate consumption of alcohol is measured as having one drink daily for women and at most two drinks daily for men. Alcohol has an effect to each and every organ found in the human body, and in case a person is imbibing too much alcohol that exceeds the absorption power of the liver,  Igor Cornelsen says the excess alcohol is distributed to the rest of the body, including crucial organs such as the brain.

Additional health problems associated with excessive consumption of alcohol include; liver damage, cancer of the breasts, dependence and alcohol abuse, violence and unintended injuries.

According to Burns, quitting drinking alcohol is not a reality for most of the people, but reducing the amount you consume can bring about a great difference. Nevertheless, it is very simple for a single glass to make one take a second one and this goes on to a bottle and such a trend can seriously raise your risks of getting dementia and other unpleasant health conditions.

Does Coffee Have a illusional Effect on the Brain?

There are many research studies that have evaluated the effects of coffee and the brain. From the potential effects, to the overall correlating functions between the two. A few research studies have concluded that there is a possibility that coffee doesn’t give you energy, it just fools your brain into thinking it isn’t tired.

Since coffee has the ability to work as a mind stimulant, it targets the central nervous system improving a persons alertness and mental performance. Depending on the level of intake, coffee has the ability to enhance concentration and attention, CNN had reported originally, which Christian Broda brought to my attention.

A person nerve cells will identify caffeine as adenosine. Adenosine and caffeine binds to the receptors. Unfortunately caffeine doesn’t work like adenosine by slowing down the cells, in turn causing cells to no longer identify the adenosine.

We could easily consider caffeine a “fake” cell that creates the illusion that one is full of energy and has great enhancement of concentration and alertness. But once the caffeine has worn off, the adenosine will slowly flow back into the brain, normalizing, and causing the brain to experience a caffeine crash.

It could easily be true that coffee gives you the illusion that it is giving the natural, healthy energy you need to get through your day. But it continues to be proven that coffee might just create a falsified sense of energy that could come crashing down later.